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• 9/1/2018

Fanon Tribes

are we having 1 anytime soon?
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• 11/3/2017

Fan Pages

Fan pages are being offically accepted! Feel free to put fan characters, but PLEASE DO NOT MAKE NEW TRIBES OR CLANS. There'll be contests for that =')
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• 8/2/2017


this needs to be active and also updates
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• 6/2/2017

Dracans Roleplay Thing

The four warrior Clans have been made up of cats for as long as they have existed. This is about to change.

Eight dracans have been born into the Clans. They have unusual appearances and powers, bearing wings and terrifying abilities. The cat dragons' birth caused chaos within the Clans, and no cat knows what to do with them.




SeaWing (Willowlight7)

SandWing Twins



You may make any cat in the Clans of any rank, just follow the rules below.


*Common sense. No killing others' characters without permission, no Mary-Sues, no controlling the entire plot yourself, common courtesy, etc.
*You may have two cat dragons and three high positions within the Clans.
*The cat dragon designs can be found here:,_Hybrid_Universe%3F_IMPORTANT . Follow those designs when making your OC.
*Anything else I should add? Ask me!


Backstory (optional):
Other (optional):
Hybrid Fandom, Hybrid Universe? IMPORTANT
Hybrid Fandom, Hybrid Universe? IMPORTANT Wings of Warriors Wiki
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• 3/7/2017

Does Anyone Actually Use Discussions?

Say "Eye" if you do (and want a poke in the eye, your choice jk kind of not really sorry I just really want to poke people right now that's normal right? XD)
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• 1/15/2017

Quality VS Quantity

We have 65 pages as of now! That's good, right?

Not really. We'v been so concerned about how many pages we have we totally leave out any info or logic. On Firestar's page, it literally says 'basically killed by Tigerstar'. I find that pathetic. Pathetic. No gory details, no backstory, no info of the fight.

That's like saying 'this is basically a post'.
Because, yeah, it's a post. But if I just said 'this is basically a post', I'd look stupid and miseducated.

And I, for one, hate looking stupid and miseducated.

Peace out and all that jazz. I have pages that need editing.
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• 12/3/2016

Discussions Updated

We should get notifications now, so we may not need RP Wall much anymore! So, yeah, reply on here and test it out!

Also: Add all WoF related things to the category "Wings of Fire" and all WC related things to the category "Warriors"

Note: This is only for pages.
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• 11/27/2016


i drowned please help
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• 11/26/2016

im stalking you

sadly i decided to try to join in on this
please try to ignore me being obnoxious everywhere
but warriors dont have wings
and this wiki is supposed to be about warriors' wings
so are we just going to make everything blank
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• 11/26/2016


I am currently updating/creating most of the pages on this wiki, so the entire thing will basically be a construction zone XD

Please pardon my dust
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• 11/11/2016


I is here!!!!
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• 11/7/2016


Pretty sure this is the new forum.
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