Clay is a male MudWing and one of the dragonets in the prophecy.


Clay has the mud-brown scales typical to MudWings, with amber and gold undertones.  He has unusually large feet, claws, and wings, as well as a limp after being bitten by a dragonbite viper.


Clay is kind and protective as bigwings. It seems that he is always hungry. He is laid back, and as in The Brightest Night, he says that he wanted his destiny to be eating, being with his friends, and sleeping.  He hates to harm anyone but would do anything to protect his "siblings", the other Dragonets of Destiny.  He is always quick to try to stop arguments or fights.  Clay thinks of himself as rather clumsy, and he's not the best at planning.


  • Reed (Bigwings)
  • Marsh
  • Sora
  • Marsh
  • Pheasant
  • Umber
  • Crane (Deceased)
  • Cattail


Clay is one of the former Dragonets of Destiny, but rather than stolen, his egg was traded for two cows.  


  • "Mishish vemmy shmewey"
  • "I'd die to save you and Starflight over and over if I had to."


  • He once felt about as dangerous as a cauliflower.
  • The Guardians had to throw him into the river because they thought he was attacking the others, when really, his bigwings instinct told him to get them out of their eggs.


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