King Darkstalker is an IceWing-NightWing hybrid animus who was hatched under three full moons, giving him enhanced mind reading and prophetic abilities. After the events of Darkness of Dragons, Darkstalker was turned into a 1-year-old RainWing-NightWing dragonet named Peacemaker after being turned into him by Kinkajou.


Darkstalker has been described as handsome and charming, with glittering black and silver scales, eyes as dark as underground caverns, and long, twisted horns. He has a silver teardrop scale on the corner of each eye, showing his ability to read minds. On the inside of his midnight-black wings, there is a line of white scales where the membrane meets his side, described by Clearsight to be as cold as an IceWing's. His twisting horns, white scales and serrated wing claw are the only traits he has on his IceWing side.


Charismatic, thoughtful, and exuberant, Darkstalker was a kinetic individual who genuinely cared about those close to him. However, his mind reading enabled a deep contempt for those he saw to be dangerous or immoral, notably his father. His knowledge of his own future also bolstered a long-held arrogance and led him to believe he could manipulate other dragons for the greater good, exacerbated by his animus power.

However, he displayed a kind temperament and energetic wit to Clearsight, Fathom, Whiteout, Foeslayer, and Moonwatcher. He was deeply intelligent and had enough willpower to constantly shield his mind from mind readers. He undertook dubious actions for what he saw to be the good of his friends and descendants.


"After a few years of reading minds, you'll see — it's often the most brilliant dragons who are the most insecure. And the ones are most afraid of having their minds read — because they think they must have the worst, lowest thoughts of anyone — are nowhere near as bad as the ones who complacently don't care because they assume everyone else is as terrible as they are."