Princess Blaze is a female SandWing, and one of the three dragons that started the War of SandWing Succession.


Blaze has white-gold scales, the color of pale sand.  She was described as very beautiful, taking great pride in her appearance. 


Blaze is extremely vain and cares only about her appearance and popularity. She hates any dragon who is prettier than she is. She is not very smart and believes that everyone loves her. She is thought of by most other dragons as a vain, ditzy flutter-head; in fact, Starflight describes her as being "about as smart as a concussed sheep".


She allied with the Icewings and most of the Sandwings in the War of Sandwing Succession. When Thorn became Queen, and Blaze's sisters died, Blaze accepted Thorn as the new queen.


Daughter of King Char and Queen Oasis.

Sister of Blaze, Blister, Smolder, Scald, and Singe.

Sister-in-law of Palm and Prickle.

Aunt to Onyx.


"The one Agave stole and hid out here, according to Camel, who heard it from Parch, who is her best friend, so it's completely true, and I'm going to get it back, because it's MINE and Mommy gave it to me. Unless you go get it for me. Ooo, that sounds like a good idea."

"Do you think they'll really choose me? Oh, who am I kidding. I'm sure they will if they meet me! All right, I'll do it."

"They seemed nice. Some of them were a little funny-looking. And I still don't understand what that RainWing was doing with them. Besides, she was a little too pretty. I think it's better to be just the right amount of pretty, don't you? Too pretty is annoying." (about the dragonets of destiny)

"Shouldn't we do that anyway? I mean, he did try to kill me. Queen Glacier will be so mad. This one time, a SkyWing flew all the way here and nearly got me while I was getting some sun, and Glacier literally ripped off his wings before she killed him. It was really gross, but also kind of sweet, you know, like she really cares about me."

"Ooo, sparkly things!"

"Three moons, it's bleeding! I'm bleeding!"


Had the best relationship with Queen Oasis of the three princess. Oasis remarks that "She'd make a terrible queen, but she's an acceptable daughter."