Jayfeather is a medicine cat living in ThunderClan. He first appeared in the arc Power of Three.



Jayfeather is a lean, mottled, pale tabby gray tom with blind, pale blue eyes, which have been described 'like a jay's wing'. He has thin, silky fur and a long, thin scar running down one flank.


Jayfeather is short-tempered, but he cares about his siblings and his Clan, although he can be quite curt about it.


  • Jayfeather is blind due to genetic reasons
  • Jayfeather had the ability to read thoughts, memories, and emotions, but it was removed after the Three prophecy was fulfilled
  • Jayfeather was named after his eyes and Crowfeather
  • Jayfeather is one of the two only cats called by just the prefix of his name, showing Lionblaze's affection for his brother
  • Jayfeather and Half Moon will be together in StarClan
  • Jayfeather is the reincarnation of Jay's Wing
  • Jayfeather will go to StarClan as Jay's Wing instead of his current form