Moonwatcher, or "Moon" as she prefers to be called, is a female, moonborn NightWing attending the Jade Mountain Academy in the Jade Winglet and clawmates to Kinkajou and formerly Carnelian.


Moonwatcher is described to have ebony scales with hints of purple and green that "helped her blend in perfectly with the night sky". She has twin tear drop shaped silver scales framing her eyes due to her mind reading abilities which are described to be "larger and sparklier" than those of Fatespeaker. She is also said to be extremly pretty and that her forehead is creased in a perpetual headache due to difficulties controlling her mind reading and prophecy powers.


Due to her solitary upbringing in the Rain Kingdom and her inability to control her mind reading abilities and prophecy, Moon is an extremely shy and anxious dragonet. Not to say that she's a door mat, she has her limits too. She is secretly fierce inside and is determined to do whatever she can.



The following are confirmed relatives of Moon:

  • Secretkeeper
  • Morrowseer




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