A typical MudWing; colored by Platypus the SeaWing, art by Joy Ang


MudWings are burly, strong dragons with scales in varying shades of brown. They can be seen with underscales and hints of amber. They typically have a much thicker build than the other tribes, have thick claws, and have their nostrils on top of their snout, like alligators, so they can stay submerged for a long period of time. They have a long, thick tail, and rather short horns that curve like SkyWings do. Their eyes have been described as amber, brown, light amber, and sometimes brown with a gold ring around the pupil.

MudWings are typically stereotyped as more useful for brute force than thinking, and some tribes think that the connection they have to their sibs makes them 'weak'. However, they work so well together they made an incredibly formidable force in the war.


The Mud Kingdom in directly north of the Rainforest Kingdom. Their territory is close to the eastern shore of Pyrrhia and is bordered by the RainWings, SeaWings, and SkyWings. The queen's palace is next to a huge lake in the territory, and is fairly close to the rainforest.

Their territory consists of marshes and swamps. In a camp Clay and Glory visited, the troops of sibs lived in sleephouses, which are shaped like giant brown cones and are made of packed mud. Several wildlife, such as large snakes and crocodiles, were also seen in the camp, and were possibly a source of food.


MudWings have a unique culture, especially as far as families are concerned. According to Cattail, MudWings have breeding nights about once a month. The mother lays her eggs in a nest of hot coals, which ensures that they are extremely well protected, and therefore have no need for her to check on them.

The bigwings, or eldest sibling, hatches first, and it is their job to crack the other dragonets' eggs to help them out (Clay tried to do this with the prophecy dragonets, but it was taken for murderous tendencies and he was thrown into the river).

The siblings in the eggs form a troop of siblings, or sibs, which are quite loyal to each other and watch each others' backs. Troops that have lost too many sibs can band up with other troops, or unsibs, to stay alive.

There has been no occurrence of the Queen of the MudWings being challenged by a sister; the troops are so loyal it has only been daughters. On that note, there has been a previous occurrence of the MudWings being left without an heir once.


MudWings can submerge in deep mud, blending in. Their nostrils, not unlike an alligator or crocidile's, are placed on the top of their snout. Like the similar reptiles, they can just have their nose poking out, and stay under as long as they please. When fully submerged or simply holding their breath, they can hold it for up to a full hour, an ability that saved Clay's life and one that was displayed by Reed and his sibs when they were hiding from IceWings.

Unlike the other tribes, they cannot breathe fire all the time. They cannot breathe fire if they are too cold. Some MudWings, however, are immune to fire, but the full immunity doesn't come into action unless they have encountered the proper environment.

MudWings are incredibly strong, and they have thick, protective scales. However, they often are seen as an "idiotic" tribe, much like the RainWings, except less lazy. IceWings thought their sibling bonds would make them easy to defeat, but they were quickly proven wrong.




  • Clay (prophecy dragonet; fireproof scales)


  • Asha
  • Cattail
  • Crane
  • Crocodile
  • Marsh
  • Mayfly
  • Newt
  • Ochre
  • Pheasant
  • Reed
  • Sepia
  • Sora
  • General Swamp
  • Umber


  • They may be based off of crocodiles and alligators.
  • MudWings are the only fire breathing tribe that cannot breathe fire at all times.