Peril is a young, female SkyWing with too much fire, making touching her like touching something even hotter than fire. It has been shown that she can melt through metal, and accidentally light things on fire. She doesn't seem to like burning things very much.


Bright metallic-orange copper-colored scales with trails of smoke floating out of them, and veins of gold run through her glimmering copper wings. She has sharp blue eyes, described 'like someone bundled up and immersed it in fire until it burned from the inside by Glory. Other features are a long tail, sharp shimmering teeth and full sized horns.




"You can't die! I won't let you!" - To Clay in The Brightest Night

" I am your friend! It's not fair!" - To Clay in The Dragonet Prophecy

" Yes, I'm Queen Scarlet's notorious death monster" - To Prince Turtle in Escaping Peril


  • Peril is born with a rare condition called firescales
  • 'Peril' mean serious and immediate danger