Prince Arctic is a male IceWing prince and the last IceWing animus. He lived around 2,000 years ago during Darkstalker's time and is also the father of King Darkstalker and Whiteout. He was on the verge of losing his soul due to animus magic, but was killed by Darkstalker with his magic before he fully lost it. His death also caused the NightWings to flee the Night Kingdom and go into hiding, as they watched him disembowel himself and cut out his tongue after being enchanted by Darkstalker to obey his every command.


Arctic is described to have polished white scales with hints of pale ice-blue although when he moved to the NightWing Kingdom, he was described by Clearsight to have 'sort of scuffed' color to his scales. His eyes are the color of the clearless sky and his scales were also mentioned to be moon-white or silvery-white. Additionally, Arctic has a light blue diamond earring in his left ear and a silver narwhal horn one in his right. He was also described by Clearsight to look like "a hissing, fanged glacier".





After the events of Runaway (see below), Queen Diamond refused to accept that Prince Arctic ran away for love for Foeslayer, so she lied to the tribe about how Foeslayer wanted the animus power for her tribe and kidnapped Arctic so they could have an animus dragonet. Because Arctic abandoned the IceWings, there were no more IceWing animus dragons in the future and the whole tribe was furious at the NightWings for apparently "stealing their last animus". However, there was no way to take Arctic back because his son Darkstalker had killed him. Because of this misunderstanding, the two tribes hated each other until Queen Glory became queen of the NightWings, and then she forged a peace treaty with Queen Glacier. However, after Darkstalker became part-king of the NightWings, the old hatred sparked up until Darkstalker was turned into Peacemaker and Queen Glory made another peace treaty with Queen Snowfall.


Runaway starts with Foeslayer going into the dome of the 'gift of diplomacy' and Foeslayer finding Arctic instantly, remarking that he seemed to outshine all the dragons in the dome. Later that night, the two sneak away from their rooms together to have secret meetings. Arctic chose to enchant an earring to keep Foeslayer safe and always the right temperature. Afterwards, he eloped with her, permanently damaging Snowflake's wing in the process.

Darkstalker (legends)

Arctic is first shown in his room at a diplomat's palace, receiving a message from a noble IceWing he can't remember the name of. He had been studying animus gifts of the past, trying to come up with his own unique gift. After a brief and tense conversation, he remembers that her name is Snowflake and that they're engaged. He wasn't enthusiastic about this as he thought she was a boring dragon with no emotions. They make their way to the balcony while having what is described to be an incredibly boring conversation. On the balcony, they see a NightWing admiring the view of the ocean while trying to keep herself warm. Arctic asks Snowflake to leave, then begins a conversation with Foeslayer. He mentions that he and Snowflake were engaged but he forgot who she was, which Foeslayer uses to tease him. The two talk and flirt for a while. Arctic, fully aware that he's breaking almost every IceWing law, enchants a diamond earring to keep Foeslayer warm. He explains the situation and Foeslayer is flabbergasted that he'd break such an important law for her.

Arctic is shown years later arguing with Foeslayer about their eggs. Darkstalker "sees" his soul rotting away. Darkstalker, after finding his father suspicious, was able to read his mind, and in his future, he saw blood and death. 

Even later than that, Arctic is shown discovering Darkstalker's animus powers when Clearsight and Darkstalker are at his house playing with Darkstalker's Talisman. There, Clearsight has visions about Arctic, and unwillingly tells him this prophecy: 

"Beware your two queens; beware your own power.

Your claws will betray you in your final hour."

This prophecy turns out to be true, as it is his own talons that disembowel himself. He also is said to be a lot more wary about using animus power after Clearsight speaks the prophecy.

He is also mentioned several times later in the book, with brief scenes with him and Darkstalker. During the last part of the book, he appears trying to go to the Ice Kingdom with his daughter, Whiteout, whom he had enchanted to follow him and to speak normally. Because of this, Darkstalker enchanted Arctic to follow and obey his every command. 

He was later killed publicly after Darkstalker told him to tell the gathered NightWings what he had planned to do. After revealing that he should've killed Darkstalker the moment he hatched, Darkstalker commanded Prince Arctic to cut out his own tongue and then to disembowel himself. 

Objects Enchanted

Foeslayer's Protection earring - A light blue earring of his own and gift to Foeslayer that keeps her warm, protects her from harm and animus spells.

Freezing Dagger - A dagger he enchanted so that whenever he would point it in the direction of a dragon, it would freeze them whenever the user says "freeze". To unfreeze them, the user must say "unfreeze".

Invisibility Armband - An armband that Arctic enchanted to allow the user to walk through walls and turn invisible when turned clockwise, and then turn the user visible once more when it is turned counterclockwise. If another dragon is touched while the armband is making the user invisible, the dragon being touched will also become invisible.