Prince Fathom was a green, male SeaWing prince and the second known animus in the SeaWing tribe. He was also one of the main protagonists of Darkstalker (legends)


Prince Fathom has kelp green scales and seafoam green underscales. He has warm green eyes. His horns and claws are dark green with hints of grass green. He has lime green glow scales that emit a soft, comforting aura. His wing membranes are pale green, similar to the color of Commander Shark's scales.


At first, Fathom was very happy that he had animus powers, and was hopeful that he would use them to help his tribe. However, after the Royal SeaWing Massacre, which resulted in the death of his parents and several other family members, he became depressed and lonely, one of the only things that kept him going was Indigo. He often felt he was a horrible dragon because of his powers. Fathom also cared about his friends but became wary of Darkstalker after him and Clearsight found out about Darkstalker's invisible writing in his talisman. He loved Indigo, enough to make him use his powers to save her multiple times, and later his three dragonets. He also worried a lot about his animus powers, as he was afraid he would lose his soul like Albatross did.


Mother: Manta (deceased)

Father: Reef (deceased)

Great Aunts: Queen Lagoon (deceased), Sapphire

Grandfather: Albatross (deceased)

Uncle: Eel (deceased)

Cousins: Current, Splash (deceased), Scallop (deceased)

Mate: Indigo

Sons: Cowrie, Ripple

Daughter: Clearpool