Prince Turtle is one of the thirty-two SeaWing princes. He attends Jade Mountain Academy in the Jade Winglet.


Turtle has dark green scales, like an emerald hidden in a cave, and lighter green underscales. He has green eyes with hints of gold in them. He is chubby and he wears a gold armband with two pieces of skyfire.


Turtle is timid and shy, often viewed by others as boring and weak.


Queen Coral, mother

King Gill, father

Princess Tsunami, older sister

Princess Orca, older deceased sister

Princess Anemone, younger sister

Princess Auklet, younger sister,

Prince Shark, uncle

Princess Moray, cousin

Prince Cerulean, brother

Prince Fin, older brother

Prince Octopus, brother

28 Unnamed brothers

Queen Lagoon, ancestor

King Humpback, ancestor

Princess Splash, ancestor

Princess Sapphire, ancestor

Prince Albatross, ancestor

Princess Manta, ancestor

Prince Eel, ancestor

Prince Current, ancestor

Prince Scallop, ancestor

Prince Fathom, ancestor

Queen Pearl, ancestor

Indigo, ancestor

Cowrie, ancestor

Ripple, ancestor

Clearpool, ancestor



"I do not APPRECIATE your skeptical tone. Just because I don't particularly like danger or uncertainty or ... or exercise ... doesn't mean I couldn't be useful in a fight."


  • He is the main POV in Talons of Power
  • Turtle has a fear of height and storms
  • He has a crush on Kinkajou
  • In Talons of Power, Turtle is shown to think Umber as a brother
  • A turtle is a slow-moving marine reptile with a hard outer shell on its back