Princess Blister was one of the three sisters that began the War of SandWing Succession.  She is known for being the smartest of the three sisters. However, after she took the Eye of Onyx from Queen Thorn, she was incinerated into ash.

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Blister has yellow and white-gold scales "as pale as the desert sand" with black diamond patterns running down the sides of her body and spine. She has real black diamonds hanging as earrings and wears a sheath on her ankle with a wicked-looking dagger. She's smaller than Burn due to being younger than her and has a long, cunning face and glittering obsidian-black eyes. She's described and mentioned to have no scars and an eerie stillness to her. Furthermore, she closely resembles her brother Smolder due to them being in the same hatching.


Like her sister Burn, Blister appeared to have no mercy on anyone she considered an enemy, or even unnecessary dragons, as displayed when she killed the SkyWing guardian, Kestrel. Unlike her sister Burn, she regarded killing as a necessary task to gain the throne, rather than a pleasurable pastime. She was described as the smartest and most cunning of the three SandWing sisters, and proved to be very intelligent throughout the series. She was also a master trickster, having at one point convinced each one of her soldiers that he or she was an elite spy on Blister's soldiers. She also seemed to think slightly highly of herself, as she simply called Queen Coral "Coral" while the SeaWing queen referred to her as "Queen Blister."


Mother: Queen Oasis (deceased)

Father: King Char (deceased)

Sisters: Burn (deceased), Blaze

Brothers: Smolder, Scald (deceased), Singe (deceased)

Sister-in-law: Prickle, Palm (deceased)

Niece: Onyx



Blister was one of the three sisters of Queen Oasis, and was in the same hatching at Smolder. When her mother died due to her not telling Burn to help fight the scavengers and then stealing the treasure, she allied herself with the SeaWings and MudWings.


Blister meets Commander Tempest and General Swamp in the Bay of a Thousand Scales as Deathbringer goes on his first assignment. She is described as being the scariest dragon on the island, even with Tempest standing next to her. She discusses her secret alliance being formed with the MudWings before Deathbringer stops her by killing Tempest and attaching a note to the MudWing spear. This severs the alliance with the MudWings, making them turn to Burn instead.


Blister is shown in and out of the book, working with her sister, Burn to get rid of Blaze, once convincing her to go out into a sandstorm to get a crown until she was saved by Six-claws. Blister also appeared after Oasis's death, fighting with her sisters to be queen of the SandWings

The Dragonet Prophecy

Blister appeared in the epilogue of the book, talking with Morrowseer about forming a secret alliance. When Kestrel came and demanded why they asked her to come her, Morrowseer explained that the Dragonets didn't need her anymore and neither did they. Blister then slashed Kestrel's throat, impaled her and let Morrowseer push her corpse off the cliff into the ocean.

The Lost Heir

Blister visited the Summer Palace in the middle of The Lost Heir to concur with Queen Coral and to check up on Princess Anemone's progress with her powers. While she was there, she discovered Webs and saw The Dragonets of Destiny. A little while later, she, Queen Coral, Princess Moray, Princess Anemone, Princess Auklet, and the Dragonets of Destiny were all sitting on a beach. When Princess Tsunami suggests that the dragonets leave the Kingdom of the Sea, Blister and Coral decided to lock them up in the prison. When the Summer Palace is attacked, she stabbed Webs with her tail as he was trying to escape, critically injuring him, in an attempt to kill him for the plan. Though the wound itself was not fatal, the venom was. She appeared again in the epilogue. Nautilus and Morrowseer explained The False Dragonets to her, and she ordered Starflight and Tsunami to be killed.


"That is mine. I deserve it. I took the rest of the SandWing treasure. I tricked Mother into flying to her death alone. I used my brain to get out of facing Burn in a duel by turning our fight into a war. I am the smartest dragon in Pyrrhia. I am the rightful SandWing queen."
—Blister about Thorn being chosen to be the new queen of the SandWings


  • A blister is a injury caused by overheating skin.
  • She was the seventh royal SandWing to die in the series, the others are Scorpion, Oasis, Char, Singe, Scald and Burn.
  • She is the middle SandWing sister, with Burn being older than her and Blaze being younger than her.
  • She is from the same hatching as her brother, Smolder.
  • According to the prologue of The Brightest Night, Blister isn't fond of the taste of scavengers.
  • Blister hates NightWings after the events of The Dark Secret.
  • In the book it is mentioned that she likes Burn better than Blaze.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy, it is stated that she doesn't enter battles, however it is also said in The Dark Secret that Blister killed dragons.
  • It is mentioned in Darkness of Dragons that she “wouldn’t tolerate” hybrids in her army.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy: Graphic novel, she is shown with a golden helmet with encrusted rubies, this helmet isn't mentioned in the original series.
  • In The Dragonet Prophecy: Graphic novel, her black diamond pattern is missing.