Princess Blister was one of the three sisters that began the War of SandWing Succession.  She is known for being the smartest of the three sisters.

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Pale yellow scales and black diamond markings. Smaller than Princess Burn, with a serpentine figure and no scars.


Smart, cunning, and conniving; power-hungry and cruel.


Son of King Char and Queen Oasis. Sister of Princess Blaze, Princess Burn, Prince Smolder, Prince Scald, and Prince Singe. Sister-in-law to Palm and Prickle. Aunt of Onyx. Descendant of Queen Scorpion.


After stealing the royal Sandwing treasure, she fought Burn and Blaze for the Sandwing throne, allying with the Seawings, Nightwings (secretly), and temporarily with the Mudwings (until Deathbringer disrupted their alliance and the Mudwings sided with Burn). May have been in a relationship with Morrowseer.


"That is mine. I deserve it. I took the rest of the SandWing treasure. I tricked Mother into flying to her death alone. I used my brain to get out of facing Burn in a duel by turning our fight into a war. I am the smartest dragon in Pyrrhia. I am the rightful SandWing queen."
—Blister about Thorn being chosen to be the new queen of the SandWings