Princess Tsunami is a sapphire blue female SeaWing princess that was the SeaWing dragonet of the prophecy. She is also one of the founders of Jade Mountain Academy, and is the head of the school.


The appearance of Tsunami is rather controversial, seeing as her text description and her cover art differ greatly from one another. Her eyes are fierce and green. However, the book descriptions are more widely accepted, The books describe Tsunami as having overscales in a hue rather akin to sapphires, much like her mother, Queen Coral. After the events of The Lost Heir, Tsunami is also described as to have adorned herself with a string of pearls gifted to her by her parental unit.


Of the dragonets, Tsunami was always the bossy one, demanding to be in control because she felt most comfortable when she knew what her fellow Dragonets of Destiny were doing. Liable to explode at a moments notice, she was also characterized as headstrong and courageous by Starflight in The Dark Secret. She became more accepting and trusting of others as the series progressed, but was nevertheless pleased to be appointed the head of the Jade Mountain Academy.


The following is a list of Princess Tsunami's relatives:

  • Queen Coral
  • King Gill (deceased)
  • Prince Turtle
  • Princess Anemone
  • Princess Orca (deceased)
  • Princess Auklet
  • Prince Current
  • Prince Eel (deceased)
  • Prince Cerulean
  • Prince Octopus
  • Prince Fin
  • Prince Scallop (deceased)
  • Queen Lagoon (deceased)
  • Princess Sapphire (deceased)
  • Princess Indigo (deceased)
  • Prince Albatross (deceased)
  • Prince Fathom (deceased)
  • Queen Pearl (deceased)
  • Princess Manta (deceased)
  • Prince Reef (deceased)
  • 28 unnamed brothers


  • "You know she can’t keep a secret. Starflight, promise you won’t say anything to her."


  • A tsunami is a giant wave caused by an earthquake or other natural disturbances.
  • Although having royal swirling patterns on her wings, it is not shown on the cover. This is the same with her eyes which are blue on the cover when they're actually green.
  • Tsunami always daydreamed that she was a SeaWing princess and it turned out to be true.