Queen Glory is the current RainWing queen and was a replacement for the SkyWing in the false prophecy. 


Seeing as she is of the RainWing tribe, Glory is characterized by having color shifting scales and clear, emerald green eyes. Her scale color unlike most other RainWings is unlikely to give you a hint towards her current emotional state due to her prowess at suppressing her scale color. It is mentioned in the early chapters of The Hidden Kingdom that yellow was a color that she had never previously seen on her scales before nearing the rainforest, so it is implyed that she had never been happy until she returned to her home.


Due to an absence of suntime in her life, Glory was notoriously grumpy under the mountain. However, after returning to her home, she began to show compassion- towards Kinkajou, Tamarin, Jambu, the other Dragonets of Destiny, Deathbringer, and most of all, her tribe.


Jambu, brother

Ex-Queen Grandeur, grandmother or great-aunt

Queen Anaconda, ancestor


"Listen. I used to think I could do everything by myself, too. I didn't want help from anyone. But I wouldn't be here now if it weren't for my friends, and I have a feeling you'll be saying the same thing a year from now."