Queen Oasis was a huge female SandWing and the queen of her tribe. She reigned rule over her tribe for over twenty-four years and the death of her triggered the War of SandWing Succession. She is described as powerful, fierce, wealthy, huge and proud. She was the former Queen of the SandWings before three scavengers came and killed her. Blister tricked her into trying to kill Flower and the two unknown armed scavengers who stole some of her treasure single-handedly. In the end, Oasis was killed by the scavengers. She is also featured as the point of view in the prologue of The Brightest Night. She is one of the oldest queens in the series, older than Ex-Queen Scarlet, but younger than Queen Moorhen. In The Brightest Night, it is said that she (her skeleton) was huge, even bigger than Burn and Morrowseer, making her a truly frightening opponent to meet in battle.


In The Brightest Night she (her skeleton) was described to be huge, even bigger than Burn and Morrowseer. However, anymore description is unknown.


Since Oasis didn't appear much in the books, it is hard to tell her personality


Husband: King Char

Daughters: Princess Blister, Princess Burn, Ex-Princess Blaze

Sons: Ex-Prince Smolder, Prince Singe, Prince Scald

Granddaughter: Ex-Princess Onyx



Queen Oasis never makes an actual appearance in this book, but is mentioned multiple times throughout it. Six-Claws, his parents, and many other SandWings, appear to be quite loyal to their queen. Smolder expresses how mad he is at her because he will never find out what Oasis had done to his lover, Palm. While not shown, her death can be heard by dragons throughout the stronghold. By the time they rush out to see what caused the noise, Oasis is already dead. While several citizens, including Six-Claws' mother, grieve, Burn and Blister begin arguing over her body which of them should be queen. Blister talks Burn out of dueling for the throne there and then and instead agree to first track down the scavengers who killed Oasis. Smolder's eyes glimmer with satisfaction at his mother's death because of what he believed she did to Palm.

The Dragonet Prophecy

During the book, she's mentioned only a few times during the acting, as Sunny had played as Oasis in it.

The Brightest Night

Although not alive during the period in which the main story lines of The Brightest Night take place, the prologue follows the SandWing queen the night she was killed by three scavengers. It follows Queen Oasis's point of view.

Oasis had known that Blister would be the next queen from the moment she had learned that to be queen, all she would need to do was kill her mother. Oasis gotten along well with her eldest daughter, Burn, and kept her entertained by giving her "creepy things" to collect. She would stay in her room for weeks, if you gave her a new creepy-thing. Oasis describes Blaze as "dizzy" and that she would be "a terrible queen", but she was "an acceptable daughter" and that she would never have to worry about what Blaze would do to her.

Queen Oasis never approved of Smolder and his lover Palm; He never found out what she had done to her, until book ten, in which the prologue is told from Palm's point of view and where they find Palm's sister, Prickle, in the dungeon.

On the second day Sunny was at Burn's stronghold, Smolder exposed four large rooms to her. Those were the rooms that contained the waves of treasure stolen from Queen Oasis, now totally empty. They attempted to discover how the three scavengers could've possibly carried that much treasure, but also discussed her death. He mentioned that they heard her roaring in the middle of the night, and when they hurried to find her, they found her dead. A scavenger-sized spear was plunged into her eye, and her tail-barb was cut off. They never found any remains of treasure, however, there were venom drops beside the scavenger's trail, signifying that they probably took her tail barb with them.

After Queen Oasis' death, Burn supposedly chased her two sisters out of the palace and renamed it her stronghold. Burn buried Oasis where she died and built an obelisk inscribed "Here lies Queen Oasis, mother of Queen Burn. Her bones now belong to the sands of time". Thorn described it as very poetic for Burn.

Darkness of Dragons

In Darkness of Dragons, Vulture mentioned that someone in the Scorpion Den was Oasis's granddaughter (later revealed to be Onyx). He said that Burn, Blister, and Blaze didn't have any dragonets, but one of the princes was known to have a lover (Palm and Smolder), then revealed that Onyx was Smolder's daughter. Some SandWing soldiers locked Prickle up in her dungeon for twenty years, driving her insane, although Queen Oasis never actually saw her because she died first.


  • Queen Oasis was the second longest lived queen of Pyrrhia, however Moorhen was older than her.
  • Oasis seemed to name her children after fire related things or terms for burn injuries. This could be a family trend, due to King Char's name, unlike her name which is based on a water source.