Queen Pearl was the successor of Queen Lagoon and a supporting character in Darkstalker: Legends. She is known for outlawing animus magic after she rose in power after the Royal SeaWing Massacre.


Her appearance as far as pigmentation goes is never described, but she is known for wearing an exuberant amount of jewelry.


The following is a list of known relatives to Queen Pearl:

  • Prince Fathom
  • Manta
  • Prince Reef
  • Prince Turtle
  • Queen Lagoon
  • Queen Coral
  • King Humpback
  • King Gill
  • Princess Sapphire
  • Princess Anemone
  • Princess Auklet
  • Prince Current
  • Prince Albatross
  • Too many others


Queen Pearl was the daughter of Manta and Prince Reef, as well a sister to the animus Prince Fathom through the same hatching. She made her only appearance thus far in DS:L, and was seen to be incredibly bossy and jealous of Fathom, seemingly not content with her destiny to become the next Queen of the SeaWings. She was one of the few members of the royal family who survived the Royal SeaWing Massacre, after which she established a new decree outlawing animus magic and more or less banishing Fathom.


  • It is suspected that due to her liking everything to be the same, she has a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.