Queen Thorn is the current queen of the SandWings and was the leader of the Outclaws. She is Sunny's mother.


Thorn is wiry and has sandy yellow scales dappled with a pattern of small brown speckles along her back and down her wings. She wears a gold chain of flying dragons as a bracelet on one of her upper forearms and a simple copper chain with a moonstone pendant around her neck.


Sunny, daughter

Stonemover, former mate




  • It is most likely that Thorn has feelings for Smolder, shown in Darkness of Dragons
  • Thorn's nickname for Sunny while Sunny was still in the egg was Beetle, shown in The Brightest Night


"It's not my favorite part of the role, but if you want to lead dragons, you have to show them your claws sometimes, Beetle." - To Sunny about killing Preyhunter

"Frog-faced blob of camel spit!” - Thorn's favorite insult

"Pompous worm-faced snob-head camel turd." - Thorn to Sunny about Morrowseer.

"Blood-red eggs and fireballs! I'm going to flay that dragon alive!" - About Smolder when he locks her and Sunny in the library

"Oh no! Moonlickers! Six-Claws, you idiot!" - When she sees Six-Claws trying to get back inside Burn's stronghold to rescue her

"I am the queen, you camel-chewing, snore-a-minute son of a toad." -Thorn showing Smolder her most elegant language.