Starflight is a blind, male NightWing and one of the dragonets in the false prophecy.


Starflight has midnight-black scales with hints of dark grey and lightish dark greyish brown, and pale silver underscales. Tui has confirmed he has dark green eyes. The silver scales on the underside of his wings spray outward like a splash of water, unlike 's. Starflight was blinded by the eruption in the Night Kingdom and is wearing a blindfold because of this. It is theorized that he no longer has no eyes because of it but this is only a theory meaning it may not be true


Starflight is shown to be fascinated by history, scrolls and reading, and is often a source of frustration to the others, says Sunny, due to a tendency to give long, semi-boring lectures. The lectures are boring, but in The Lost Heir, his knowledge came to an advantage to escape the SeaWing prison. He felt odd around the other NightWings because he never was able to access his powers. When he feels scared, he freezes up like a stalagmite, seen as a "terrified stalagmite" pose, Glory also calls it his "invisible petrified NightWing thing." Starflight is a pathetic fighter. Despite this, he still attempts to protect his friends when he thinks they're in danger; in Moon Rising, when arrives at the Academy and causes an uproar, Starflight rushes to the Great Hall in an attempt to protect his friends before himself, even while believing that it is actually Queen Scarlet come to kill him.

His shy personality also left him to be considered an outsider, which was quick to use against him and often made him do battle training as a punishment. He felt awkward around the NightWings and worse about his new orders. However, he stood up to Blister when she wanted to imprison the Dragonets of Destiny. Also, he has a crush on Sunny, but starts to develop feelings for Fatespeaker in The Brightest Night. Some think he is cowardly, but he can be quite brave. Due to his lack of powers and fighting skills, he seems to have an inferiority complex. He is also described by Clay as "long-winded, smart, and too serious", which seems to be true. 


Farsight (Mother) Deceased

Mastermind (Father)

Fierceteeth (Half-sister)

Starflights Daughter- (Possible Future)