• Hello!

    Alright peeps! I have gathered you here today to discuss some important stuff about our wiki! Please feel free to suggest things that you would like to see on here, and post whatever's bugging you!

    Item No. 1: Combined Universe

    So, as most of us know, GMDS thought of this fantastic idea to include what are essentially cat-dragon hybrids to the wiki. We still have to work out the kinks, but we hope that you'll read her Hybrid Universe Blog and come up with a decision of whether or not to let them be on our wiki or create some suggestions for us to further the development of dracans!

    Please vote and put your reasons/suggestions below, we would really appreciate your feedback!

    Should we include Dracans on our wiki?

    The poll was created at 01:37 on March 18, 2017, and so far 6 people voted.

    Item No. 2: Editing

    On his wiki, we have had quite a few problems with editing. As I'm sure you are aware, we have been mainly focusing on making pages rather than updating them with useful information. Also, we were not allowing Fanon pages.

    However! GMDS and I have come up with a solution to solve both problems!

    For every 10 substantial edits on canon pages, or perhaps for every badge on canon pages (not entirely sure yet; one gets more fanon pages, but the other is easier to regulate), you get to make a fanon page! Again, we have to work out the kinks, but I hope that this will eventually help our wiki. We'll probably take this down when we have enough info on our canon pages.

    Please post opinions below!

    Item No. 3: Discussions

    Almost everyone agrees that discussions is insanely annoying. You don't get many notifications for it, and it's impossible to use wikitext on. As a result, we've had to create User:RP Wall, where any RPs can be posted. However, this is still not a very efficient way to have wiki-wide conversations. So, the admins will soon be trying to implement a DiscussionsFeed, which is basically a Wiki Activity for Discussions. We hope this helps!

    Item No. 4: Wiki Colors

    We will soon be experiencing changes in our wiki background and general colors! I don't have all the information on this - GMDS, you might want to add the info here - but expect some craziness for a while! If you have any ideas for how to improve the background and colors, please tell us!

    Item No. 5: RPing

    Yes, I know; we haven't been RPing on here that often. No idea if this will change, but this is just a reminder to go stalk RP Wall to get any new ones that might appear! This is just temporary until Discussions is fixed.

    That's All!

    Please post your opinions, suggestions, and complaints (about the wiki XD) on here! This place is fairly new, so obviously it needs a lot of help, and we need your help to keep it running! Thanks, and hope you're having a nice day!

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