The Tribe of Endless Hunting is the spirit group of cats for the Tribe of Rushing Water. Like StarClan, they communicate with living cats through prophecies, to try and warn them of approaching danger and give them hope for the future. However, they rarely deliver dreams and most prophecies are received indirectly through signs.

The Tribe typically sends their signs through what the Tribe of Rushing Water calls the Cave of Pointed Stones, where many stalagmites and stalactites form and pools of water in which the signs can be seen gather. The only one who is allowed in this cave is the Teller of Pointed Stones, or Stoneteller for short.

They are seen as cowardly by StarClan and Jayfeather, since they don't seem to take an active part in helping the Tribe of Rushing Water and are continually afraid that the living Tribe will be run out of the mountains.


They first appear in the New Prophecy arc, as Brambleclaw and the rest of his group traveled through the mountains on their journey back to the forest.

Notable Members

  • Half Moon (Stoneteller)