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  • I live in In the frozen wasteland known as nowhere in particular
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is surviving
  • I am Deathtouched
  • AntiSanity

    So, this is a hybrid fandom wiki. Obviously there will be some questions about dragon cat hybrids then. This blog has a solution to that, and a solution to having two different universes.

    Please keep an open mind, as this would (temporarily) cancel the fanon Clan part of the Fanon Tribe/Clan Competition.

    A shared continent: That's my first suggestion. I think the Clans should be located on Pyrrhia, as we have a large, established map and world, whereas in Warriors the map is small, there's questions about the continent, ect. So, the Clans would be assigned new territories, minor adjustments would be made to the cats. Like the size of them, for starts. It would have to fit in with the WoF universe. So bigger cats, bigger prey, and more extrem…

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  • AntiSanity


    December 17, 2016 by AntiSanity

    VoidWings are pure black, females are shiny while males are duller. They have eight horns in a ring around their head. They have no wings, and are flightless except when manipulating the void. Their eyes are black with a neon colored cat's eye pupil. They have a neon stripe starting at the base of their neck that goes down to the tip of their tail. The stripes are like a tabby's (just neon). They are medium sized dragons, and very athletic. Females are muscled in a sleek way, while males are bulkier and bigger.

    Royalty has a light grey surrounding their neon, while the rest is solid black.

    VoidWings can summon ‘shadows’ to act as wings. They can appear from feathered to normal wings. The wings are the size needed to fly, and cannot change si…

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  • AntiSanity

    Hello all! I am the founder of this wiki. As a forenote, if you are uncertain about the rules, or if your tribe fits the requirements, message me on my wall.

    We, the admins,  have decided to make a tribe/Clan contest for this wiki. The rules are slightly different from Clans and tribes, so pay attention!

    • Remember, no Overpoweredness, keep the powers and weaknesses about even.
    • Please go into detail, even over the smallest things. We understand it will evolve as it goes, and if its chosen.
    • Be reasonable. Do not take territory from other Clans/tribes.

    • They must have a picture of what they look like. It does not have to b…

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  • AntiSanity

    Ideas About RPing

    November 12, 2016 by AntiSanity

    Perhaps we could make pages? And edit them?

    Or someone make an alternate account named "Roleplay Wall" and roleplay on that.

    Or when discussions has been updated to do notifications...

    any more ideas welcome!

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