VoidWings are pure black, females are shiny while males are duller. They have eight horns in a ring around their head. They have no wings, and are flightless except when manipulating the void. Their eyes are black with a neon colored cat's eye pupil. They have a neon stripe starting at the base of their neck that goes down to the tip of their tail. The stripes are like a tabby's (just neon). They are medium sized dragons, and very athletic. Females are muscled in a sleek way, while males are bulkier and bigger.


Royalty has a light grey surrounding their neon, while the rest is solid black.

VoidWing by VL Typical


VoidWings can summon ‘shadows’ to act as wings. They can appear from feathered to normal wings. The wings are the size needed to fly, and cannot change size unless the dragon is an abyss-born. They have no breath power, although in an event called the Awakening, which happens rarely in VoidWings, as a time of great desperation, intense, overwhelming fear, or near-death to torture can only trigger an Awakening. After an Awakening, the VoidWing can now minorly control shadows, at the cost of life force. (More on that in Religion) A normal VoidWing can make shadows ‘jump’ and move slightly, while more skilled ones can meld them into shapes, although not for long. VoidWings are mostly nocturnal, and can see well in the dark, but it is not as advanced as NightWings or SeaWings. VoidWings are generally wiry and lithe, and make great acrobats, which is what most are. The females are more flexible than the males. Their teeth are hooked, so if they bite you, the more you struggle, the more stuck you get.


Abyss-born are extremely rare, as they can only be hatched on the Darkest Night. They have extreme powers over the void, to the point of actually sucking dragons into it, although it costs life force. Abyss-born are protected, and considered a way to communicate with life and death. Abyss-born have slightly more life force, and more substantial life force. They can live for hundreds of years if they never use their power, but most are likely to die early. If another abyss-born is hatched while one still lives, the older will die.


VoidWings dislike heat, and tend to stay more in the northern area of Pyrrhia. They are more likely to be injured by fire than frost breath, and can withstand the cold of the Ice Kingdom for just a week, no more no less. They can be overpowered by larger and stronger tribes, although never underestimate a VoidWing, as acrobat training makes them surprisingly strong. They dislike getting wet, but will tolerate it.


VoidWings live on the top ‘wing claw’ part of Pyrrhia, because the forests and the cold suit them and their needs.

VoidWings eat meat, and are strictly carnivourus. They like filling meat like beef, although they don't eat much.

The VoidWings' castle is called "Dark Mountain", and the main city, called "Darkness" is surrounding the castle. The city is huge, and is where most stationary VoidWings live. Vendors line the streets, and decorations hang all over the city, because it is literally pointless to take them down because of the frequent celebrations.


VoidWings are said to have origonated from the void, and just kinda... came to Pyrrhia one day. They searched all of Pyrrhia, and eventually found the perfect territory. They had a few scuffles with the SkyWings, but they eventually left them alone once they realized they weren't trying to steal all their territory. MudWings weren't as happy, and had a minor war with them.

VoidWings didn't officially or actively participate in the SandWing War, although they did take assassination requests, be it anonymously.


VoidWings are very sociable and active, most come to be acrobats in traveling circuses; they are quite nomadic, but their territory provides a place to call home. Most VoidWings travel around Pyrrhia, performing for most of their lives in family units. Acrobatic training is a required part of their society, as most do not survive without it. They start training at 2 years.

If a VoidWing is a loner or orphan, they can join a 'lone' unit and perform with other dragons like them, without family. Not having a unit is strange to VoidWings, and they have a last name of sorts; they use their unit name as a last name. Units are tightly knit, and not very welcoming to strangers while traveling.


VoidWings have many traditions, most festivals. The most widely celebrated are: Festival of the Winter Solstice, Festival of the Summer Solstice, Day of the Sun, Night of the Moon, Star's Guidence, Void Celebration, Queen's Hatching Day, The Light of Life, and The Night of Blood.

All these celebrate aspects of life. One they celebrate the stars, who bring the lost home. During another they celebrate their creation. They celebrate life and death, all these accompanied by the best family performers in breathtaking stunts and illusions.

Popular Acrobatic Things

High wire

Flipping in the air, or ground

Stunts with shadow wings

Illusions with stunts


VoidWings have a Queen, like every other tribe, except their family bond is so strong they have a different way to challenge Queens for the throne. They instead have two chances to take down the Queen, but the challenges have to be three months apart. To not kill the current Queen, they fight until first blood, and after that the former Queen cannot challenge the throne. VoidWings have a council similar to the SeaWings.

The council has these offices:

Life and Death: Politcs

Void Connection: An Abyssborn

Tribal Connections: Diplomats

Advice: Advisors, a mini council with the minor stuff



VoidWings believe in reincarnation, and consider it honorable. VoidWings also believe they came from the void, hence their powers. They have many festivals celebrating the ending of a war to the changing of the seasons. They do not believe in a deity, but instead believe in a sort of force of life and death that created the world and the universe.

Life force is how much life you have. When you grow old, you lose life force. When you use the void (with the exception of summoning wings, as that takes none) it takes more life force the bigger the project. Abyss-born have slightly more life force.


IceWings- VoidWings think they’re great, and love performing for them. Allies and friends.

SandWings- Neutral, but the VoidWings love their festivals and music

RainWings- Some VoidWings are sent to train with them, to teach greater flexibility

SeaWings- VoidWings are okay with them, but hardly ever is a VoidWing spotted in their territory

MudWings- VoidWings are rather hostile with them, after constant skirmishes

SkyWings- VoidWings are neighbors with them, and try to be cautious to not upset the larger tribe

NightWings- Allies, but they have little contact with one another anymore


  • Queen DarkAbyss
  • Princess EchoedScreams


VoidWings are normally named darker things, but can also be named brighter names. The more performance related family units name their offspring cheerful things. It is tradition that the royal line has dark names. The names are usually two names put together, but there are exceptions.

Examples that can be used: FarthestDark, BloodCry, DemonSlayer, JusticeLeap, HighFlier, FarJump