So, this is a hybrid fandom wiki. Obviously there will be some questions about dragon cat hybrids then. This blog has a solution to that, and a solution to having two different universes.

Please keep an open mind, as this would (temporarily) cancel the fanon Clan part of the Fanon Tribe/Clan Competition.

Yes, these two different universes would exist seperatly too. This is just a suggestion for the main focus of fanon part of the wiki


A shared continent: That's my first suggestion. I think the Clans should be located on Pyrrhia, as we have a large, established map and world, whereas in Warriors the map is small, there's questions about the continent, ect. So, the Clans would be assigned new territories, minor adjustments would be made to the cats. Like the size of them, for starts. It would have to fit in with the WoF universe. So bigger cats, bigger prey, and more extreme territories, and so better abilities. And where would the territories be? This is where I think they should be:
Wings of Warriors Warriors map

If this is accepted, we would be able to get into dragon cat hybrids.

Now, I am going to be very strict about these hybrids if the shared universe notion is passed. I already have set designs that will soon be uploaded, and THEY WILL NOT BE CHANGED UNLESS MANY COMPLAINTS ARE ISSUED. Got it?

Only medicine cats and certain dragons have the means to "create" a Dracan, as they will be called. It is very scientific, a little too much so to describe it here, but if you really want to know, request my presence on chat.

To make a Dracan, message me on my message wall with a full bio. This is the template you need to use:



Tribe and Clan of Parents:

Tribe and/or Clan of Dracan:


Fur color/pattern:

Small bio:

I will only accept that template.

Onto the problem of Dracans with a hybrid dragon parents, as we all know people will want to make one. They will be even more strictly monitored. Very few will be able to have one. I will remove the option to have these if it gets out of hand. Okay, so, when you send the application for a Dracan with a hybrid parent, you can request what it kinda looks like, but please look over the other Dracan pictures to choose what details you want on your hybrid Dracan.

Dracan Overview:

General: Fully grown Dracans can be about the size of a four year old dragonet, and can live for 100 years. They have fur and scales, both of which can have patterns. Scales and horns are softer and more liable to break than a dragon's.  Proportions are out of whack in some spots, and their wings are small, heavy, and can only be used for gliding, not flying. They have better hearing than your average dragon, but generally are weaker. They have a cat's instincts and lightness on their feet.

Sea Dracans: They have gills and can breathe underwater for a short time. They have dragon-level nightvision.

Night Dracans: Possibility of weak future seeing. No possibility of mind-reading for unknown reasons. Stars under wings. Short bursts of weak, cool flames. Cat-level nightvision.

Rain Dracans: Certain scales can camo. Uncommonly can a Rain Dracan drool venom that can ony sting. Glides better than most others. Furry tail.

Sky Dracans: Can almost fly. Lighter and larger wings. Possibility of warm scales, a Dracan's version of fire scales. Hotter fire than a Night Dracan's.

Ice Dracans: Radiates a little cold. Has mostly fur to keep interior body temp around 60 deg f.

Mud Dracans: Mostly has scales to keep from matting when in mud. Can't breathe fire. Can heal slightly faster in mud. Cannot glide at all, wings are too small and too heavy.

Sand Dracans: More fur than Mud Dracans, but still very little. Small barb is just sharp, with just stinging venom. Can barely glide. More made for running across the desert sands. 

Should the universes combine? (This would add dracans, too) (There will still be two seperate universes besides the combined one)

The poll was created at 19:51 on December 29, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.
If the universes combine, should dragons be let into StarClan?

The poll was created at 21:06 on December 28, 2016, and so far 11 people voted.
Cat lifespans need to be longer if the double universe is accepted. How long should they live?

The poll was created at 21:06 on December 28, 2016, and so far 10 people voted.

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