General Cat

Wolfheart is EssexTheSIlkWing's Warriors OC. This tabby is a she-cat that has (hence the name)the heart of a wolf. The Clans probably doesn't know what a wolf is, but who cares? She is a Clanborn cat from ThunderClan and would fight for the sake of her birthplace and Clanmates.

Appearance and Traits

Wolfheart is a pretty blueish-grey tabby but doesn't really think about how she looks because of how thoughtful she is of the Clan. She is a very fast runner and can find enough prey for the Clan, At least enough for all the elders and a third of the warriors for one day. Her fighting skills are crazy. When she or any of her Clan is attacked(even Swordfern, the lover from RiverClan), she fights as if she awakens full power from the moon or some crazy stuff like that. If she is attacking, she fights a decent fight, at least enough to claim victory. But then again, if her Clanmates are hurt she is insane. Wolfheart's tracking skills are good enough - her nose can get her as far as good can go - but not very reliable. Wolfheart has a lot of stamina and can run for a while and still talk, which makes her used as a messenger between the Clan members(like leader in camp to patrol at Sunningrocks with an urgent message, for example)often. She is intelligent and can improvise quickly and formulate plans or tactics fast in the middle of a fight.


Wolfheart is loving and caring to her Clan, Swordfern, and her half-Clan kits so much she would die for them. She is also very curious, which has taken her very far until it changed later in my story. Her personality fits a wolf, even though her name is named after something the Clan cats don't even know exists. Who cares? Wolfheart loves to talk and socialize, and her favorite times of all are sharing-tongues and Gatherings. Sometimes she can get emotional, but not very often. She has experienced internal, long-lasting pain before, but with a strong heart, she was able to get over it. Whatever Wolfheart does, she is brave to voice her opinion in front of others and is devoted to anything she thinks is right. Her opinions drive most of her motives, and she never does anything without reason and always refuses to be forced to do something she doesn't want to say or do.


Wolfheart has always been optimistic ever since she has experienced her first heartbeat of her first moon alive. Her sister, Sunkit, died from greencough as a kit. But Wolfheart got over it, with moons and moons of deression. Then she became an apprentice, which she was very excited. She was given a kind blueish-grey she-cat named Cyanfur and became warrior in five moons. During apprenticeship, Wolfheart encounters a cat that bore no familiar smell, not even Twolegs or rogues. They fight, and Wolfheart got away. Then she investigates and goes investigating every day, but then she wanders to Sunningrocks where she encounters Swordpaw. They talk a bit then finds that they like each other. Then a loner named Mossy, who claims to have run away from her Twolegs(it's true) bursts into camp and resides in the forest, being fed and contributes nothing but a rabbit or vole once in a while. Then they go to a Gathering, where all the cats of all Clans are attacked by a mysterious group. They were able to fend them off, but returned with a few casualties and many wounds. Cyanfur dies. Mossy is driven off. (from this point I'm not going to go on in detail and will skip parts because I will be explaining the plot of my fan-made book, The Canine Heart). Wolfheart becomes a deputy. Adderstar goes to Mothermouth for help from StarClan, but gets ambushed on the way back to camp. Buckthorn goes to get help from camp, and returns with some reinforcements, but Wolfheart alone fended the attackers off due to her trait, but is still unable to protect Adderstar as she is only an apprentice. Adderstar loses her last life due to this, and Wolfheart, as a deputy and for avenging Adderstar's death, is made leader. Wolfstar appoints a new deputy, Buckthorn. She waits a few days before returning to the Moonstone to gain her approval from StarClan and nine lives. Then Wolfstar returns, and things are back to normal.


  • An orangish-ginger tabby she-cat named Scarletflower, Wolfheart's mother and is alive
  • A pale brown tortoisehell tom named Caressfur, Wolfheart's father and is alive
  • An orange tabby tom named Foxpelt, Wolfheart's brother and is alive
  • A ginger tabby she-cat named Sunkit, Wolfheart's sister but died from greencough as a kit
  • A dark grey tabby tom named Swordfern, Wolfheart's mate and is alive
  • A really dark grey tabby tom named Dawnkit, Wolfheart's kit and is alive
  • A blueish-grey tabby she-cat named Cinderkit, Wolfheart's kit and is alive
  • A blue-ish grey she-cat named Cyanfur, Wolfheart's mentor but died in the ambush at Fourtrees
  • A light-grey tabby she-cat named Buckthorn, Wolfheart's dearest friend and is alive